Installation options

You can install Fenix Server and Fenix+ 3 on one or two different computers in your local network.

Client workstations can connect to Fenix Server in the local network and over the Internet.

Network installation

This option is suitable for companies that can allocate a dedicated computer in a local network for running simulations. In this case, the scenario for calculations is simple, because you have centralized storage for all simulation results, multiple user access to server computing resources, task queue, and other features. For more information visit

Remore access

This option is very similar to the previous variant except for the ability to configure access to the server over the Internet. You can start calculating in the office, and get the results at home or elsewhere.

Installation on a single computer

If it is not possible to select a separate computer for calculations, it is possible to install Fenix Server on the same computer together with Fenix + 3. In this installation option, it remains possible to work simultaneously with many calculations.

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